Monday, February 8, 2010

The Joy of Internet Shopping......

I am one of those people who does just about everything on-line. The major portion of my days and nights are spent in front of a computer so it just makes sense to me to kill two birds with one stone--work a few hours, take a ten minute break, shop a little, pay bills, check my bank accounts. Time is limited and valuable and to me....time is money. I much prefer spending my time off with the people I love or doing the things I really enjoy instead of running back and forth to stores to pick up items I need or want, writing and mailing checks, or going to the bank. This past Christmas I did not step into one store to purchase one gift. Everything was purchased on-line. This is the first year I did this and I saved time, money, and aggravation. Plodding through a shopping mall, wandering aimlessly from store to store, totally exhausted, frustrated, overburdened with dozens of shopping bags and boxes, sweating my butt off because I am wearing my heavy winter coat, is not my idea of a good time. I would rather have bamboo shoots rammed under my finger nails than spend an hour driving up, down and around a parking lot hoping to catch a glimpse of someone getting into their car so I can take their spot before anyone else does. How many times have you found that perfect parking space, only to lose it to some little old grandmother who, as you roll down your window and shout obscenities at her, swears she did not see your car there idling for the past thirty minutes. Perhaps it's time for some new glasses, Granny!!! I don't make a habit of yelling choice words at little old ladies but stress makes us do things we ordinarily would never do! This is the stress we need to avoid, especially during the so-called season of peace! This Christmas for me was completely relaxed, all my gifts boxed, bagged and beautifully wrapped and placed under the tree with a sigh of utter contentment and satisfaction a couple of weeks prior to the holiday. I was so proud of myself and had time left over to spend with family and friends, decorate, bake, and do whatever I wanted. I was able to enjoy every moment of the wonderful season and genuinely felt sorry for those still out shopping at the last possible moment because they had no idea what to buy for Aunt Ginny!!

If you have a computer and a credit card, debit card, or a pay-pal account, you can shop on line. You can even do all your grocery shopping via internet (another tremedous timesaver! Stay tuned for some info and tips I will be posting on that soon!) You can purchase anything your heart desires on line. I recently bought an item that looks like a clay planter complete with the plant and everything. It looks nice, it's decorative but......inside the planter is a cat litter box. I hate litter boxes! This is truly cat goes in through the cut-out in the back, does his business, and no one knows what's really in there....except him and me!!

There are a few little drawbacks to internet shopping. You must be slightly organized. This means you must keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, special occassions and events, and order in advance to allow time for shipping. You don't get to actually "see-touch-and-feel" the item before it arrives so be sure to order well in advance in case you absolutely hate it. Personally, I have been thoroughly pleased with every single purchase. In the beginning, experiment with the stores you are already familiar and confident in to guarantee satisfaction. If you were just invited to a party tomorrow and need a killer dress or a hostess gift, your best bet is to go to the store. If you don't mind paying an additional fee, most stores offer FED-EX shipping with in 24 hours. I only did this once for one item I urgently needed. Honestly, THAT kind of stress is so not worth it! Most of the time you will need to pay a nominal charge for basic shipping, but when you calculate the time, gas, and aggravation saved by shopping this way, it all balances. At times there are specials, free shipping for orders over a certain amount, and even no charges for preferred customers. I get emails daily alerting me to "free shipping days" and try to take advantage of these as often as I can. A penny saved is a penny earned......

Ok.....this all sounds interesting, but where do you start? Perhaps you have made a few purchases on-line, or are already a seasoned internet shopper, or you have absolutely NO idea how to do this. If you have an idea of what you want, simply type that item into your internet brower and dozens and dozens of websites should come up. That still can be overwhelming to most. You are looking to save time by doing this and you certainly don't want to spend countless hours surfing site after site for what you want. I have the easiest solution.

I recently became a distributor for Market America. As a health and nutritional counselor, I believe in their products and have experienced the benefits first hand and have heard nothing but rave reviews from friends and family that I have asked to sample the items. I am not here to sell you something (but do check out the products....they are oustanding). I have a website that you can visit and see for yourself. is the really exciting part. My website is a portal to thousands of stores...stores we all know and love, like MACYS, BEST BUY, VICTORIAS SECRET, and so much more. Think Stargate and stepping through a door to the whole wonderful world of one stop shopping at your finger-tips! It truly makes it all so simple! Type in what you are looking for and the stores that carry that particular item all pop up. You can also comparision shop for the store that offers that product at the lowest price. It's incredible!

You owe it to yourself to check out this website ( I have posted the link) and see for yourself how easy it is. Set yourself up as a preferred customer to take advantage of special promotions, sales and updates. The beauty of it is, you are in control. You never have to meet me, money never exchanges hands, I don't have to deliver the items to your home nor do you have to come and pick them up......another time saver for both of us. This is just one way to simplify your life and manage your time so you can do what ever it is you really love doing.....and isn't that what life is supposed to be about?

And this is my Daily Cyn...........

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