Thursday, February 4, 2010

What to Serve on Super Bowl Sunday

For those who don't know, I am a vegetarian. I don't consume beef, swine, lamb, venison, or fowl. On occassion I will have fish (usually salmon and usually when dining out). I am what you call a LACTO OVO VEGETARIAN which means I will eat eggs and dairy products. As long as the animal does not suffer or give its life to provide nourishment for me it's acceptable. (Yes, I am aware that the fish must die in order for me to eat it but that is a whole other topic to discuss another time).

My style of eating does cause issues with others, especially with men. The man I am currrently dating is a bona-fide meat eater. He loves his steak, preferably prime rib or filet mignon. Good choices if meat is your thing. He also likes a good beef chili. When we first began our relationship he was concerned about my vegetarian lifestyle and would say (in a terrified voice) " I am going to starve with you, aren't I?" when I would rattle off what I eaten on a particular day. I am currently carrying at least 20 extra pounds of excess weight so I am obviously far from starving. He should have no worries in that area. I would never expect him to exist on what I eat nor would I insist he eat my favorite meal- baked acorn squash stuffed with rice and nuts; drizzled with organic maple syrup. I can buy a roast. I would have no idea what to do with it once I got it home but eventually I am sure I would figure it out. I cooked a whole turkey one year at Thanksgiving and although I cried the whole time preparing the poor bird, it came out pretty good according to those brave enough to taste it.

This brings me to the subject of Super Bowl Sunday. Tradition dictates that we serve a buffet of assorted chips and dip, chicken wings, and big bowls of spicy beef chili with large quantities of iced cold beer to wash it all down. The very thought of even serving this type of food completely horrifies me but I know the man I love is looking foward to these things and if he has his way there won't be a single vegetable in sight the entire day. I have more than a dozen fantastic recipes for meatless chili including one made with TVP (texturized vegetable protein) that is pretty darn good! I don't think my recipes are going to work this time so I have spent the past several days pouring over cook books and surfing the net to find a sure-fire, kick-ass beef chili recipe I can serve with pride to my guy. I still have a couple of days before Sunday to figure this out. I could attempt to pass off my TVP chili as the real thing but he'll know it's fake. He will eat it but he won't really enjoy it. Where's the real pleasure in that?

What is the point of all this? I have touched on vegetarianism and my quest for the perfect chili recipe. I haven't offered any real opinions or earth shattering advice or solutions to anything. What I want to say is plain and simple. Serve and indulge in all the things you love to eat and drink during Super Bowl without an ounce of only comes once a year. Make sacrifices and do things for the people you love for tommorrow is promised to none of us and in doing so you will find true joy and contentment. So.....I will brown the chopped, ground cow in a pan, stir in all the necessary components and let it simmer all day. I will put out the chips and dip, the chicken wings and beer, and sit back and smile as I watch my guy enjoy it.

And this is my Daily Cyn.........

(oh.... and GO SAINTS!!!)

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