Saturday, May 22, 2010

Diet To Go....Week One......

 Diet To Go!! This is a company devoted to your weight loss success! They make it very simple by sending you a week's worth of meals.  You can choose their Traditional Low-Fat (1200 or 1600 calorie option),  Low-Carb, or Low-Fat Vegetarian (1200 or 1600 calorie option).  It is so simple to order your five or seven day meal plan on their website .  Your meals are delivered in a few  days packed on ice in a thermal container and will stay cold and frozen for hours.  Diet to Go is tailor-made for the busy person on the go who wants to lose weight or doesn't have the time or the discipline to put a menu together, grocery shop, and prepare sensible, tasty meals.  For the single person, Diet to Go is PERFECT!

After months of loving the concept of this company and several on-line chats with John, the chief blog editor  for Diet to Go, I decided to take advantage of the program myself for a few reasons. First, I had a major life-style change in the past year.  I fell in love with a wonderful man and my crazy, single, jet-setting lifestyle came to a screeching hault overnight.  We both have hectic schedules so me and my guy only see each other occassionally during the week so when the weekend arrives we just want to be locked up the apartment alone most of the time. We enjoy shopping and preparing feasts at home rather than going out.  Unfortunately, by the time I get off the train, stop at the store, decide what we want to have for dinner, and finally prepare and serve it, we are not sitting down to eat until  around 10PM.  We all know late night eating is the worst thing for your waist-line.  My guy is all Italian and loves his pasta and bread so most of our meals together revolve around carbs. All these late night pasta dinners, the fresh baked bread with butter we nosh on while dinner is cooking, big Saturday morning breakfasts  fresh bagels on Sundays, and the late night nachos smothered in melted cheese, salsa and sour cream are killing me!  I  am a vegetarian and before I met my guy, my diet consisted of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein.   My body is rebelling and storing all these carbs, fat and calories in places I don't want! Summer is right around the corner and I am not ready!!

The second reason I decided to give Diet to Go a try is because I cannot promote or recommend a product or a service to my clients that I am not passionate about.   Diet to Go sounds like a great idea in theory but in order to be truly passionate about something,  I must experience it! So...I went on-line and placed my order for the 5 day Low-Fat Vegetarian Plan. I thought this would be perfect for me during the week and on weekends I would try to be very conscious of what I am eating, avoid late night snacking with my honey in front of the TV, and keep lots of fruit, veggies and salad on hand. 

My meals arrived on a Wednesday, which was absolutely perfect timing because I had no food left in the house and no time to shop.  It was beautifully packed and organized; frozen, labeled and stacked neatly in a  container packed with ice. All I had to do was transfer it all to the freezer.  If you look in my freezer now you will find three neat stacks of  trays ( a breakfast stack, one for lunch, and one for dinner).  I don't have to think, I just take what I need depending on the time of day and pop it into the microwave.  The food is really, really tasty.  Diet to Go is perfect for someone who hates cooking just for one and settles for a can of soup or take-out for dinner.  You get three meals a day so you can take a complete breakfast and lunch to the office to avoid the
ever-tempting bacon, egg and cheese on a roll in the morning and those huge deli sandwiches served with mayo-drenched side salads everyone else in the office is ordering for lunch. These meals are delicious so trust me,  you will want to eat them!

I really love Diet to Go but as a vegetarian, a nutritionist by trade with an emphasis on "whole foods", an adversion to anything processed or artificially sweetened, and a genetic predisposition for obesity, there are a few personal drawbacks for me . I have never seen so much food in my life! The 5 day meal plan is probably equivalent to the amount of food I consume in a 2 week period.  The vegetarian plan has alot of carbs (most are whole wheat or whole grain) which is perfectly fine for most people.  My body does not function well with alot of carbs so I don't depend on them to fill me up.   I rely on lots of lean protein, salads and large amounts of fresh vegetables to satisfy me.  I have a rule that if I have bread, a wrap or another type of carbohydrate for lunch then I do not have any for dinner.  I having been sticking to the menu plan provided but I am a little wary of a pepper stuffed with rice for lunch and pasta for dinner a few hours later.  The lunches and dinners provided on the Low-Fat Vegetarian plan provide very little greens or vegetables; certainly not enough for a person like me.  I need to add a salad or extra vegetables to keep everything functioning properly.  I feel full and satisfied after eating the meals but I get very hungry a few hours later! This is good means my body is burning whatever I am putting into it and will hopefully result in some weight loss.  A common mistake we all make is starving ourselves when in actuality, we must give our furnace something to burn or it will hold onto whatever calories we do consume. 

I will be faithful to continue for a few more days and most likely place an additional order for next week.  I love the convenience of the Diet to Go meals and the fact that I don't really have to prepare or think about what I am going to eat during the week.  If I happen to drop a few pounds of that excess weight I have gained in the past year, I will be thrilled!

I encourage you to check out for yourself.  It's fairly inexpensive, the food is delicious and the convenience of it all cannot be beat!!

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  1. I will surely try this as I also have more weight. And try little diet. Na di will also check out the link you have given there.

  2. Do you have reservations about the trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, etc.? I think it could be a good option for me but I am hesitant to eat those things, particularly the trans fats.

  3. Are you still doing this diet?