Monday, June 21, 2010

Motts Medleys

I saw a commercial last night advertising a new juice: Motts Medleys. It was advertised by Marcia Cross who plays Bree Hodge (the seemingly 'PERFECT" wife and mother) on the show Desperate Houswives. The claim: packed with real fruit and vitamins, this juice is healthy to give to your kids and a good way to sneak fruit...its and veggies into them by serving them something that tastes good! Well.... you KNOW I wasn't about to take HER word for it so I did a little research of my own!! Here are the FACTS about Motts Medleys:

This little single serving of juice packs a whopping 200 calories

It is loaded with sugar: 48 grams.... no additional added sugar from what I can see but still....sugar is sugar!

48 carbs

The vitamin claim to fame is 420 mg of potassium

It contains 100% the daily recommended vitamin C

4% calcium

6% iron

Of course your kids will LOVE this....and want it all the time! It's SWEET!!!!!

If you are looking to feed your kids fruits and vitamins, you are not going to make them healthy or keep them that way by serving them this juice. This juice is expensive to buy and by continuously giving your kids this drink you could have a sugar addicted, potentially overweight and pre-diabetic situation on your hands!!!

Serve your kid a banana! It's portable, fun to eat and cheap. One banana contains 450 mg of potassium and only 14 grams of sugar. Make them a baked potato (skin on) or baked fries and they will be getting 1,081mg of potassium.

Concerned about Vitamin C? Hand your child an orange. They can peel it or you can cut one up into orange boats for them. Again....this is another fun food to eat and packs 70mg of Vitamin C and only 9.14 grams of sugar!

We can't possibly be THAT lazy or time-stressed that we need to pop open a bottle rather than peel a banana or cut up some orange slices to serve to our precious children.......
And this is my Daily Cyn........


  1. I don't think parents exactly give their children this because they are lazy.. Perhaps it is because their child will not eat anything else. Being that picky child myself, my severe texture problems with fruits and vegetables have made me HATE all fruits and veggies. Encourage young children to eat healthy foods, yes. But, this product is pretty compatible with normal fruit juices that contain sugars - so replacing normal fruit juice with this ... or replacing sodas with this... would be a good move by a parent.

    Too bad all the veggies and fruit everyone loves most likely come from genetically modified seed or have been spread with toxic pesticides... :/

  2. "Too bad all the veggies and fruit everyone loves most likely come from genetically modified seed or have been spread with toxic pesticides... :/ " organic maybe? I know I know, ITS A SCAM! Give me a break. ><

    Its not that difficult to educate yourself when it comes to food. Talk to a nutritionist or look up the information online. However, beware of propaganda and misinformation.

    Dont like the textures of fruits and veggies? Simple, just make a smoothie. There is hundreds of combinations in which you get a flavor with an easy to stomach texture.

    Children develop eating habits based on what is fed to them and how their parents eat. Look at yourself as the part of the problem when your children dont have good eating habits.

    Dont let silly commercials tell you what your kids should eat.