Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wrist Reminders.........

Every day, whether I am at home, out on the town or at the office I wear a collection of bracelets around my wrist. They are 6 different bracelets, none of them match, and to the ordinary person they probably look like nothing more than a cumbersome burden of clanging noise-makers. In all honesty, they don't cause too much of distraction and I am so accustomed to wearing them that they rarely get in the way. Most nights I take them off before I go to sleep but sometimes I forget. They are a part of me and my daily attire and I feel "naked" if I ever forget to wear them.

Some folks are fascinated by them, especially children, who insist that I take some of them off and hand them over for them to hold, play with, or wear.  I never begrudge or deny them--special things are meant to be shared even if only for a short time.  People ask me why I wear so many mismatched bracelets that appear to have no real rhyme or reason.  Each one (some expensive, some not) has a special meaning or purpose, and serve as reminders to me as I go about my hectic day and the combination of all of them together makes me feel whole. 

The first bracelet is my silver Tiffany heart.  I purchased this several years ago.  I had just landed my first job in the city and was earning more money than I had ever dreamed possible.  It was also my first Valentine's Day without a sweetheart ( I recently had left my husband and did not have and did want a boyfriend). Rather than sulk or cry, I treated myself to this classic piece of jewelry and celebrated by admiring it around my wrist each time my left hand reached into the biggest heart-shaped box of chocolate I could possiby find.   This bracelet serves as a reminder to always give my heart, always walk in love, and to always believe in and hope for love.  Love is the most precious gift we can give to ourselves and to others.  I never want to forget that so this simple silver chain with the danging heart never leaves my wrist for any reason. 

The second adornment is Buddhist prayer beads.  I bought these several years ago in a little shop on Hollywood Boulevard across from Eat Well (my favorite restaurant in LA for breakfast).  I spent alot of time in Los Angeles with my brother during those years. I was at the high-point of my life (finally free from an abusive marriage, earning an income that allowed me to travel as often as I wanted, and on a journey of self-discovery). It was also the lowest point in my beloved brother's life when he struggled with demons that just would not let go.  It was during those precious times I spent with him in his world that we got to know, respect and love each other in ways we never had before.  These beads are a memory of those special times, the fire we have both walked through together and separately, the victorious crossing to the other side, the bond that that can never break or tear us apart, and a constant reminder to offer my prayers of thanksgiving.

Third--a string of white jade stones.  These were a gift from my mom.  These are truly beautiful and have little specks of green in each little stone.  I love all things Asian, and have been collecting jade pieces since I was a little girl. Jade represents prosperity.  I wear these daily to remind me that no matter how tough life gets I am truly, truly blessed with so many gifts....my health,  my son, my family, my friends, a roof over my head,  my work.....the list is infinite.......

Next is a cuff of solid silver with etchings of dainty leaves and flowers.  Real silver will never change its color. This the largest bracelet I have.  It is like a shield I wear to remind me that no matter where I go, what I see, what I hear, or what I experience, I must be true to myself and never allow the world to tarnish or change me.

The fifth braclet is a band of leather with carvings of bouquets of flowers and peace signs.  I never wear leather but when I saw this I just had to have it.   It has such a special meaning that I was willing to make an exception to my rule.  I wear this to remind me to keep planting, keep growing, to help and allow others to grow, and to always walk in peace. 

Last, but not least, is the bracelet that joins all things together. It is bracelet of delicate bars of silver, gold and bronze. Etched into each bar are the words : LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. Life is just a tedious passing of one day to the next  if we do not live with passion, if we cannot laugh at our own mistakes and shortcomings, and if we cannot love.  I never want a day in my life to go by without truly living, laughing, or loving and this is why I wear this bracelet daily.

To some of you, all this might seem ridiculous and to others these are just bracelets. To me....they are inspirations and reminders that my life is gift, every day is a new day, and it's my choice how I want to live it. I choose to live it lovingly, thankfully, prayerfully, carefully, peacefully, and full of passion and joy!

And this is my Daily Cyn...........

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