Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gearing up for the "Take a Chill Pill" Challenge.....

Causes of Stress:
unorganized workspace
unorganized home
too much sleep
not enough sleep
too much exercise
lack of exercise
too much information
poor eating habits
lack of nutrients
unrealistic expectations
no expectations
lack of purpose
lack of sex
no on/off switch
constant tardiness
lack of spiritual practice
extreme, fanatical spiritual practice
blood-sucking, energy draining relationships
no real relationships
financial difficulties
lack of funds
too much money

These are just a few causes of stress in our lives.  Next week's challenge is going to be "Take a Chill Pill". Some of us might have a few of these in our lives, some may have just about all of them.  Some of them can be changed, omitted.....some are more difficult to overcome.  In the midst of our struggles and the things that occupy our minds 24/7 we need to take time to step away from our problems and learn to chill.  Most of us are always running on empty and never take time recharge, refuel, or restore.  Taking time to chill can give us a new outlook on life and perhaps a new way of viewing, healing and hopefully eliminating the stressors in our lives or at least dealing with them in a healthy, more practical way.

Get ready.......we are going to learn some ways to "Take A Chill Pill!"

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