Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Girl in the Road

This is me.  This is exactly how I feel.  Yesterday, in just a matter of minutes, I was reduced from a 48 year old strong and powerful woman to a little girl.  A little girl who is not old enough to be out there on her own.  

It's funny how this happens. One bit of bad news can rip apart our hearts and lives and make us feel completely helpless.  Our secure little world is suddenly spinning out of control and there is not much we can do about it. I am reminded of that old song " To everything there is a season". Right now, I am in a season of change, of uncertainty, and I must admit, I am scared. 

Take another look at this photo. Yes, this little girl is alone. There is not another person in sight.  Yet, she is tough.  Her hands are on her hips as she surveys her surroundings and the road ahead of her.  She knows she has no choice but to walk.  It's impossible to turn back.  And the line down the middle of the road that separates one path of traffic from the other abruptly ends. To me, this means no one has gone beyond the point of that painted line. What lies ahead is undiscovered territory. 

I can't stay here. Circumstances and situations will not allow me to do this, even if I wanted to.  So I will be just like this little girl, hands firmly placed on my hips, and muster up all the strength and courage I have within.  Every trial, every test, every experience has lead me to this place. Now I must put everything I have ever learned and all the faith I claim to have into practice. Not by choice, but by force.  It's time to take the first step and walk down that lonely road.

And this is my Daily Cyn...........


  1. We all have our road to walk. sometimes it's smooth and we sail away. Sometimes it's rough; nearly impossible to travel but we have no choice but to move on.

  2. You seem like the kind of person who is strong. I know how tough little girls are as well as women can be. I'm sure you'll find your way down that road.