Monday, February 14, 2011

I will give my Love......

Today is really just a Hallmark Holiday....a pumped-up, overpriced day dedicated to love and romance.  We pull out all the stops to make this day special. We send flowers, chocolate, pay for expensive dinners, buy jewelry, and spend ridiculous amounts of money, time and energy.  Every Valentine's Day we feel the pressure to give more, buy more, and do more than we did the year before--just to prove our love. 

We either love someone.....or we don't. We are either loved by someone....,or we aren't.  Dozens of roses, diamonds, and chocolate given on a day dedicated to love does not prove a thing.

The best gift we can give is the promise that we will show love, give love, and speak love every single day--not just when things are perfectly wonderful and romantic and sweet--but when things are tough and hard and ugly.

I will love you in the good times and the bad times.  I will love you when you are lovely and when you are not so lovely.  I will love you when you make me laugh and when you make me cry.  I will love you when you are strong and when you are weak.  I will love you when you are sweet and when you are not so sweet. 

 I will give my love...always..without conditions, expectations or demands.  I give it freely--no price tags, fancy ribbons or bows, cutesy little cards or candy hearts.  I love you.

And this is my Daily Cyn.............

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