Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Reflections.............

I just celebrated my 49th Birthday.  Birthdays are always a time of reflection for me. I am just that kind of person.....a deep thinker. 

Forty-nine years! That's a long time to be alive. I have been walking this earth one year shy of half-a-century! That's mind-boggling!  I don't feel that old and don't think I look that old. I have always taken good care of myself.  There are a few tell-tale signs. I need to either hold books and papers an arms length away or wear glasses for reading.  I have laugh-lines and a few crinkles around my eyes but no major wrinkles--at least nothing a little concealer and good foundation can't hide. I have no aches or pains, I can touch my toes and run up a flight of stairs.  I can still dance the night away and put in a full eight hours the next day.   I sleep like a baby every night and only need one cup of coffee to jump-start my mornings.  I don't have heart trouble, blood pressure issues, high cholesterol, arthritis, or back problems.  Everything works and still works well. 

I am thankful for my health and another year.of life  It's been a good life and a successful life so far.  It hasn't always been a happy life but I have tried to make the best of every situation.  I've also wasted alot of my life.  I've procrastinated, made foolish choices, stupid mistakes, put myself in harm's way, run from God, avoided family, friends, and rejected wise counsel.  I haven't loved enough, given enough, lived enough, learned enough, shared enough, forgiven enough.

I think the worst thing in the world is regret....that constant whining and complaining over how we could have been something or done something more with our lives. I call it "the shoulda-woulda-coulda-syndrome." And if we suffer from this syndrome, we play the blame game. We blame it on our environment, our parents, our husbands, our children, our bank accounts, our lack of education. It's easier to find fault with everyone and everything else than to face the harsh reality that we have nothing or no one to blame but ourselves. If we want something bad enough,  the whole universe comes together to make it happen for us.  We just have to do it and stop wasting time whining, complaining, and blaming.

I don't want to waste another moment. I want to live life to the fullest and enjoy everything it has to offer.  I want to evolve, grow, learn and fulfill the purpose God planned for me.  I want to use all the gifts I have been given.  I want to share and love and help make the world a better place. I want every single person I ever come in contact with to feel important, loved, and appreciated. I never want to take anything or anyone for granted.

Forty-nine years......

The best is yet to come. For me and for you.  Get it done. Don't put it off.  Sing your song, dance your dance, tell your story, get on with your life and accomplish your hopes, your dreams, your goals. Don't waste another moment.  Give yourself permission and the freedom to live your life.  I certainly plan to keep on living mine!

And this is my Daily Cyn.......

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