Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Confess!! I Eat Fast Food!!

Lately, I feel like a bit of a Grinch.  It's as if I have nothing better to do than sit around and think of ways to take away the one pleasure we have in life- FOOD!

I mean, come on! We are busy, we are hungry, we are stressed.  Who wants to come home after working all day and cook a meal? Who has time to shop, chop vegetables, or make homemade macaroni and cheese when it's so much easier to empty a packet of cheese powder into cooked pasta, stir and serve? And fast food--I have reallly blown the lid of that, haven't I?  All I do is point out everything that's wrong with it. There is nothing as convenient or satisfying as dinner-in-a-bag.  Why can't I just leave it alone, for goodness sake?

I am just as busy as you are.  My life is hectic.  I have a home, a family, a job, responsibilities. Right now my life is CRAZY!

That being said--I have a confession to make. 

I eat fast food.  I am addicted to it.  I love it. I cannot get enough of it.  It makes me feel good and it is such a guilty pleasure!   

Here are some of my favorite fast food indulgences.....

Fast Food! I can't live with out it! It's quick, easy, transportable, satisfying and delicious. cooking required!

The best thing about my favorite fast foods? They make me feel like this......

Instead of this.........

Now that I finally got this off my chest, I feel so much better!!

And this is my Daily Cyn............

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