Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Shall Not be Moved!

"Never give up, never, never give up." - Winston Churchill

When I was a young girl, my father taught me a little hymn. The chorus went like this:
" I shall not be....I shall not be moved.  I shall not be...I shall not be moved.
  Just like a tree planted by the water.....I shall not be moved!"

Look at the strong roots of this tree.  They reach down to the river below.  This tree is not going anywhere. It is planted firmly and knows exactly where it needs to be.

The winds and the storms come and go.  So do the trials, the heart ache, the devastating experiences of our lives.  A friend told me today he just wants to walk away and keep on going. Sure! Don't we all? I feel like he does, sometimes.  It seems like everything around me is falling apart. Everyone around me is suffering, really suffering.  And there is nothing I can do to help them. I am helpless and that is a frightening feeling.

I will dig my roots down deep into the river of life, the river of peace, the river that feeds me and provides nourishment for me.  I will hold on. I will watch my leaves scatter in the wind, but I will not move.  My branches will break and fall to the ground, but I will not move.

"Just like a tree...planted by the water......I shall not be moved".

And this is my Daily Cyn.....

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