Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We all exist in some kind of cocoon. We wrap ourselves tightly within it and hide.  Why wouldn't we? It's warm, and cozy, secure and familiar.  We have no idea who we really are and because we are afraid of the pain involved in emerging from our little cocoon, we remain shut in and closed off from everything that exists beyond our familiar little shelter.

In our cocoon, we have a clouded vision and version of the world beyond.  All sight and sound is distorted because we are trapped inside a filter.  We cannot see or hear clearly. So.... we remain, wrapped up in our insecurities and our fears. We cannot see how beautiful we are.  We still think we are caterpillars with no real purpose other than creeping and crawling upon the earth. 

 If we continue to stay in that place we will eventually die.  We will become so trapped that we will lose all hope, dry up and wither away.  We long for something beyond our little world but are too afraid to emerge and take a peek outside. And so we stay-- trapped, confined, stunted. We have no idea that we have wings because there is no room to spread them.

Gather the strength and the courage to break forth from the protective shell.  Everything we need, we already have.  Break free and leave it all behind.  We are gorgeous butterflies--ready, willing and able to fly.  The world is waiting to see our beauty...........

And this is my Daily Cyn.......

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