Sunday, May 29, 2011

Forget Weight Loss - How to Take Those Excess Pounds and Set Them Free!

Are you sick and tired of diets and the up-a-size, down-a-size, skinny jeans, fat jeans, feel good, feel bad, continuous roller coaster of emotions? It's frustrating, aggravating, confusing and so unhealthy for your body, mind and spirit.

I really dislike the term: Weight Loss. Loss signifies something has been misplaced, has disappeared or it's been take away and you miss it. You want to find it again. Or you hope it will find you!

I certainly don't want all ugly excess pounds to find me. I want to get rid of them FOREVER. Don't you?

 I am introducing a whole new way of looking at Weight Management. I call it my WEIGHT RELEASE PROGRAM.

That being said, would you like to release weight forever? 

Of course you do! 

First of all you need to know:

I don't have any quick-fix miracle pills, potions or powders to sell. I can't recommend any special combinations of foods to make you burn fat faster. All those books, DVDs and diet plans you've spend a small fortune on over the years--they are useless. Diet is big business in our country. We should be a nation of thin, healthy people but instead- we are still fat!

Why is this? Because- plain and simple-  it is a trick!

The diet and weight loss industry wants us to stay fat. If we resolve our issues with weight and keep it off forever, guess what happens? 

No one makes any money!

Here's How to Release Weight Once and For All:

1. Eat REAL food everyday:

Forget low-fat, low-carb, sugar-free, tasteless, unsatisfying foods and diet plans. Eat REAL food! Lean protein, whole grains, lots of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and healthy, natural fats like those found in fish, olive oil, avocados, and nuts and seeds should be the FOUNDATION of your diet every single day- FOREVER! Avoid pre-packaged processed foods as much as possible. If you eat meat, make it a condiment rather than the main focus of your meal. Consider eliminating meat from your diet altogether or incorporate several meatless meals into your menu every week.  If you eat like this every day- when special occasions, holidays and vacation-time rolls around you can enjoy a piece of pie, lasagna, french fries, an ice cream sundae or whatever else you want and never worry about gaining weight.

2. Exercise:

There is no way around it. To release weight, you must keep moving. Your daily activity MUST be more than the amount of calories you eat.  Walk, dance, join a gym, practice yoga, do aerobics, have sex, play sports, walk up a flight of stairs several times a day. Do anything to keep your body moving and to build and retain muscle. Muscle burns fat! Muscle takes up less room than fat. Muscle looks better than fat and if you are firm and fit, your scale might say one thing but you can wear the smaller dress size!

3. Rest:

Sleep. Chill. Allow yourself some 'down-time'. Stress is the number one cause of weight-gain.  We are so stressed and our bodies keep producing more and more adrenaline to help us keep up the pace. We are exhausted and we just keep eating. Not to mention, because we are always so stressed and on-the-go, we make poor food choices. Fast food and convenience meals become the staples of our existence. We are always eating on the run and never take time to actually sit down and enjoy a meal.  Slow down. Eat dinner at the table, with candles, soft music, and the company of the people you care about.  Make sleep a priority. Turn off the TV and GO TO BED!

4.  Feed your heart and soul:

The ways you nourish your heart and soul are just as important as what you feed your body. Do you have a spiritual practice? Do you pray, meditate, take time to clear your mind, or think about your dreams and goals? What kind of books do you read? Do you ever read for fun, pleasure of self-improvement?  Are a TV addict, a news junkie? When was the last time you watched something that truly enriched your life, made you think, act, or change? Treat your body, heart and soul like they are precious- because they are! Only allow good, nourishing things to enter and quickly dump all the bad things that ovewhelm you every day.

5. Find a Support System:

Join a group dedicated to health and wellness, get your friends together and enourage each other, hire a consultant, health or life coach to help you overcome any obstacles you might be facing. Are you are emotional eater? Do you pig out when you are stressed, tired, upset, broken-hearted or you look to food as your source of comfort? You need to find out why and learn how replace food with what you are really craving.  Surround yourself with active, positive people who share the similar values. Walk away from emotional vampires- the ones who suck the life out of you and do nothing but discourage you.

6.  Love Yourself:

Focus on your good qualities. Speak kindly and lovingly to yourself. Negative self-talk is the hardest thing to overcome. We are experts at putting ourselves down, pointing out our faults, and sabotaging our own efforts. Start treating yourself the way you treat others. Respectfully. How do you treat your children? You are kind, loving, accepting, forgiving. You watch how you and others speak in front of them, you protect them from harm, you build them up and encourage them. Don't you deserve to give yourself the same consideration? Don't you deserve the same treatment from others? Demand it! If you don't love and respect yourself  or accept yourself as you are, that perfect dress size will mean nothing.  Guess what will happen? You will eventually gain all your weight back and more! When you truly love yourself, you will overcome obstacles, your attitudes will change and all your relationships, including your relationship with food, will change.

You will start living the life you have always dreamed of.

Do you want to learn more about my Weight Release Program?

You can chat with me anytime. I am at your service: to answer questions, offer support, and to be your partner in success.  Visit my website to find out more about me and what I do:

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