Sunday, May 8, 2011

We are All Mothers


Today is the day we set aside to honor our Mothers. Those selfless, sacrificing, amazing women who raised us, loved us, healed us, fed us and hopefully instilled in us some good qualities that only a mother can give.

I am grateful for my mom. She is an incredible woman and I have grown to respect and admire her even more over the past few months as I watch her lovingly and patiently care for my father.  She never complains. She is a tower of strength.  Her love for her husband, her family and her trust in God motivates her to keep going, despite the odds. Today I will spend honoring her and letting her know how much I love her.

I am honored to be a mother. I have the most wonderful son.  He is a good boy:  a responsible young man who has become more than I could ever hope for.  He has a mind of his own, he doesn't let anyone push him around and he is hard working, loving, and kind. He has made some mistakes but he is never too proud to come to his mama and ask for help. He knows I love him unconditionally and there is nothing he could ever do or say to change how I feel about him.  He knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that his mother is always wishing the very best, believing the very best and praying for God's very best for him.

There is no love in the world like a mother's love.........

Some of us have not been fortunate enough to experience this kind of love. Some of our mothers have been terrible examples as they struggled with their own issues, trials, and disappointments.  My heart weeps for those who did not have good mothers.  Forgive her for her mistakes and her failures.  It is in this act of forgiveness that you will be healed from the hurt and pain you endured.  You will then be free to find another mother-figure to love you, believe in you,  and to help point you in the right direction. It is never too late to find or be a mother.

Some of us are sad today because our moms are no longer with us. I am sad for you as well.  I know you are reflecting on all the wonderful things about her and honoring her in a way that would make her proud. Perhaps you can spend time today with a mother who has lost her child, and make her feel special on a day that is usually very painful as she remembers the child she once held in her arms.

As I went about wishing all my friends and loved ones a Happy Mother's Day, I realized that we are all mothers......

You don't need to give birth to be a mother.  You don't need to raise a child to be a mother. 

I am not Catholic, but I thought about Mother Teresa. She never had a child of her own, but she was a mother to us all. Her life and her love touched everyone around the world, despite religious or political beliefs. She poured her love into everything she did.  She adopted the poor, the sick and the needy as her children and cared for them until the day she died.

Although most of us will never reach or help the multitudes that she did in her life time...we are all mothers.......

When you  nuture, nourish or love another person- you are a mother.  Each time you put the needs of another above your own- you are a mother.  When you feed the poor, heal the sick, or extended a helping hand- you are a mother. When you teach or share a talent, a gift or an idea- you are a mother.  When you care for our earth- you are a mother. When you adopt a cause and spend your time, energy and effort promoting it- you are a mother. When you treat others with respect, honor and forgiveness- you are a mother.

I admire and honor every single one of you!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

And this is my Daily Cyn.......

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