Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hope From a Horoscope?

I've never been particularly interested or enticed by fortune tellers or psychics. In fact, growing up in a strict Christian home, I was raised to believe they were evil so I avoided that sort of stuff like the plague. The Bible says King Saul lost his kingdom and endured great suffering all because he sought the advice of a medium rather than trusting and waiting on God. That story alone was enough to scare the heck out of me. I was, however, occasionally tempted to peek at my daily horoscope in a newspaper or magazine. Then I would quickly repent and promise never to do it again. And I wouldn't, for a few days.  Some people I know believe horoscopes, any form of fortune telling, luck or silly predictions are so evil and harmful that they refuse to crack open a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant.

I always thought that was the best part of the meal. 

My grandmother would not start her day without reading her daily horoscope. Her activities and attitudes were according to what the stars said. If her horoscope warned not to leave the house, she would stay indoors all day. If it was a negative message, she would be fearful or sad. If it was positive, she would be happy and upbeat. Personally, I think she might have been a bit extreme but that was who she was. Bless her heart.

In my early twenties, I fell in love with a guy who was very much into astrology. He had a personal astrologer who did his charts regularly.  He visited psychics, too. He used astrology charts, biorhythm reports and numerology to help guide his life. I was so prim and proper back then and told him if he wanted to be with  me, he needed to be a good Christian. In other words, that stuff had to go. Honestly, he was alot more interesting and easy going before he gave it all up.

I have since shed some of the staunch beliefs and fears of my childhood. I do yoga (another forbidden, evil practice), pray, meditate, and have even taken part in a few Reiki healing circles.  I wear wooden prayer beads around my wrist- not because I am Buddhist, but because they simply remind me to pray. I find beauty and inspiration in the Bhagavad Gītā. I also read the Bible and draw strength from it, especially now. My life has been turned upside down, so I need all the good stuff I can get. I also view my daily horoscope. I don't go out of my way to read it; it's automatically posted on my Facebook profile every morning.  I don't know why it's there ( I don't remember asking for it) but I can't resist reading it.  Most often, they are just plain silly. But every once in awhile, I am truly motivated to really stop and think. Does this make me evil-to-the-core? I don't think so.

Here are a few Horoscopes I've received this week:

You may feel anxious or uncertain about your job stability today as a result of conflict in the workplace, or problems with your health. Stress is definitely a factor right now. You do have investment opportunities though, and should be thinking about alternative ways to boost your bottom line.

''There is strength in numbers today and you are at the head - a leader - the position that is just right for you. You may move forward secure in the knowledge of what you know, your inspiration will be a delight to others. You won't have to stand in line for anything, others will seem to know what you need. You will find it so easy to connect with someone who wants to take you out on a date.''

''You are the perfect candidate for leadership this year and your hard work is finally starting to pay off. It's a great opportunity to make use of big ideas, your dreams will finally materialize before your eyes. You are now becoming a professional at what you do, help will be available at each and every turn. If you snap your fingers you will get instant reaction. Good for you!''

I can't begin to tell you how spot-on and motivating these are. Stress is definitely a factor now. Stress doesn't even begin to describe what I feel and my health is affected by it. I am tired, I have chest pain (there is nothing wrong with my heart- I had it checked), and I am tempted to eat foods that are not good for me. These are some of the ways my body reacts to stress. These horoscope messages are gentle reminders to take care of myself and keep practicing my yoga, to pray everyday, read inspiring material, and take time just for me. Am I concerned about my job stability right now? You better believe I am. I just lost my weekly paycheck. I am trying to survive on what I earn from writing articles and my nutritional consulting practice.  Times are hard but I keep plugging along, believing in my dream and working to make it happen.  I am not asking to earn millions of dollars. I just want to live comfortably, pay my rent and my bills and buy a new pair of shoes now and then. My true passion is to help and inspire others. I have the knowledge and the experience so there is no reason why I cannot make it happen. I am a professional and I have some big ideas. I am meeting others who are willing to help me get the word out. I've been introduced to different ideas and avenues and am taking advantage of those, too. It's hard work, though. And right now, with my life in such turmoil, I would love nothing more than for some really nice guy to kidnap and spoil me, even for just one night. I am not ashamed to admit I want and need a little wining and dining.

What am I really trying to say here?

 I know there a few people reading this who are very disappointed that I even look at this kind of stuff.  I don't allow horoscopes to govern my life, my actions or my moods (like my grandmother did).  If my horoscope said to sell all my wordly goods and join a convent, I wouldn't be so quick to heed that kind of message. If I had a burning passion since childhood to be a nun; I might consider it. 

Don't worry- I have absolutely no desire take a vow of chastity. Never have. Never will. :)

I do not believe that reading a little harmless horoscope (contrary to what I was taught as child) will plunge me into occultic practices or open the door to be posessed by an evil spirit. I don't believe I will become so addicted or obsessed that I will end up homeless because I spent all my money on The Pyschic Network. And in no way do I think God will shun me or punish me.  I have always had a heart for God and desire His love and His presence in my life. I try to make everything I say or do a reflection of those desires.

We are sent messages every day. They could come in the form of a horoscope, a scripture, a video, a post on Facebook, or even a blog. Why do I blog every day? It's a form of release and inspiration for me and if it helps to motivate or encourage just one person out there, it is so worth my time and effort. It's my version of a daily horoscope. The only difference is, rather than consult the stars, I draw it from my heart and soul. But, truth be told, ocassionally my writing is inspired by my horoscope.

I don't have plans to visit the psychic around the corner, have my palm read or schedule an appointment for a Tarot reading. I have no interest in that sort of stuff. I would rather let life unfold the way it should and meet every challenge as it comes.  As for the harmless, daily horoscopes, good or bad, keep 'em coming.  They are daily affirmations that I am on the right path.

And this is my Daily Cyn.....

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