Saturday, June 18, 2011

Say NO to Weight Loss!

Say NO to Weight Loss? Have I gone insane? Let's be honest here. I can't think of one man or woman who doesn't want to lose some weight- even if it's just a couple of pounds. Let's face it- unless we LIVE at the gym, never, ever eat a carb, or an icecream sundae, or sip a margarita on the beach, we are all carrying a few extra pounds and want to get rid of them. For good!

 Excess weight (no matter how much) puts stress on our bodies and makes us feel uncomfortable. It can affect our self-esteem, hold us back from participating in social activities, and most importantly, it puts our health in jeopardy.

I am a Nutritional Consultant and Lifestyle Coach. I have a much different approach to health, wellness and weight management. If you are looking for a quick fix or miracle pills and potions, you are in the wrong place. I have nothing like that to sell.

Sorry. You will need to go elsewhere for that sort of stuff...... 

If you are interested in achieving a comfortable, healthy weight that you can maintain FOREVER, then keep reading.

Weight Loss is a BIG business. There's lots of money to be made. Different diets, different pills, different drinks. The Master Cleanse, the Grapefruit Diet, low fat, low carb, the popular 2 shakes and one sensible meal a day! You've tried EVERYTHING but with very little success. Maybe you did take off a few pounds and were happy for awhile. Then what happened? Like most people, you probably gained it all back again and then some. I know folks who have actually submitted to gastric by-pass surgery and over time, have gained the weight back!

 How many times have you watched Oprah lose and gain hundreds of pounds on national television? Oprah, for goodness sake! She is one of the most intelligent, successful, business saavy, wealthiest women in the world. The greatest chefs, health, fitness and nutritional experts are at her disposal and still she is not able to overcome her BATTLE OF THE BULGE!

Why?  And why can't you?

Maybe you need to change your way of thinking. Maybe you need to stop focusing on weight loss. Stop saying ' I want to, need to, must LOSE weight!' What happens when you lose something? You lose your keys, your wallet, your kid in the shopping mall! You want to FIND them again! Or you hope they find you.

If I take off a few extra pounds, I DON'T WANT TO FIND THEM AGAIN!

And I certainly don't want them to find me!

So rather than putting all the focus on Weight LOSS- how about finding ways to RELEASE the weight? When you release something, you SET IT FREE! You don't anticipate it returning and you are happy to see it go!

RELEASING weight! What a novel idea!

Interested? We should chat......

Together we can put together a Weight-Release program. Tailor made- just for you! We can talk about how the weight found you in first place, why it continues to hang on for dear life, and what you can do to set it free!!

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And this is my Daily Cyn.......


  1. I really want to know how
    in the last few days ago I gain some weight due depression and now want to get rid of it.

    You really got me interested, what can I do to loss weight?!

  2. go to my website at: Go to Contact and select health history form. Complete the form and be sure to give me your contact info. Hit send and I will review it and we can chat...

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