Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Impossible to Get Without Giving............

It's impossible to get without giving. It's impossible to give without getting -Cynthia

There are certain absolutes in life.

For example:

What goes around comes around............
What goes up must come down.................

We know these principles because we have all experienced them, in one way or another. Do something bad, eventually, something bad will happen to you. Toss a thing up into the air and sooner or later, it will come spiraling or crashing down.

What about getting? Getting what you want-- whatever it is? Love, friendship, success, money, peace?
Most of the time we just sit there- expecting. I want, I want, I want!
But yet, you still don't have........
Perhaps you don't have anything because you don't give anything.

"Cast your bread upon the water and it will come back soon, on every wave."

That's a little church song I used to sing when I was a little girl. I always visualized little loaves of bread washing up on the shore for me.....just because I tossed one loaf out there first.

My LAST loaf of bread? Yes........ give and it will come back.

You can't really get what you want and need if you don't give.

You can try to steal it....but when you rob and steal- it will be taken away. Maybe not right away, but some day. I guarantee it.

You can accumulate all sorts of things by stealing, being dishonest or stepping over others to get what you want. You will never be content. You will live in fear that one day, you will lose it all. This why we become selfish, stingy and greedy. We become hoarders. As a result, we are miserable and alone.

Start giving. Give out of your own need. Give your last dollar to someone who needs it more. Give away your love, your peace, your friendship.

It's impossible NOT to get something back in return.

Not only will you get an abundance of everything you want and need- you will be filled to overflowing with love, peace and security.

And this is my Daily Cyn............

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