Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How a Simple Soup Changed My Life!

Way back in 1999, I took a trip into New York City to check out a school. It was an Open House/Meet and Greet sort of thing. I really didn't want to go at all, but after several lengthy telephone conversations with the Admissions Coordinator of the school, I felt I owed it to her to at least show up.

I was filled with mixed emotions about all of it.

First of all, I couldn't believe I was actually entertaining the idea of handing over a large chunk of my savings to this school or considering a career in a field I knew absolutely nothing about. This was certainly the most ridiculous idea I'd ever had but yet a voice inside kept telling me this was something I needed. I just couldn't ignore it.

Secondly, the school was in the city! This meant if I decided to attend (which I probably wouldn't) I was going to have commute back and forth. ALONE! AT NIGHT!

Basically, I was going to visit the school to find everything wrong with it and hopefully silence that voice within forever.

Now I'd been to the city before, but never alone. It was always with a group and usually our purpose in being in such an awful, sinful place like New York City was to attend some kind of Christian function- like a Billy Graham Crusade or a Gospel Music show. I had no idea how to get around. I know now it's pretty much impossible to get lost in there because of the way it's all laid out ( it's basically one big grid with streets running one way, avenues the other--in numerical order). I knew nothing about train schedules or subways and it just so happened this was at the same time some wacko was walking around the streets of mid-town killing folks by hitting them over the head with a cinder block. It was all over the news and my family and friends were convinced that I would become his next victim.  And if I decided to really go this route and travel to the city regularly for school, I would be putting myself in harm's way too often and would end up being raped, murdered, drugged, mugged, beaten or kidnapped by some evil person lurking in the shadows.

The power of suggestion, folks. It really is a powerful thing. I was scared.....

Crazy, huh?

I was determined to do this anyway so I convinced a girl friend to take the trip in with me. I bribed her with the promise of dinner and drinks on me (even though I had no idea where to actually go for dinner and drinks) right after we checked out the school. So there we were, two Long Island girls in the big city, tightly clutching our handbags for fear someone would come along and steal them. As we walked, the sky opened up and it began to rain- a torrential downpour. In my handbag, I had a cell phone, a map of the city, train schedules, makeup, hairspray, gum, candy, mints, an extra pair of pantyhose, notebooks, pens, pencils. I also had a stun-gun (YEP!) and a spray container of government issue mace--just in case we came in contact with Cinder block Guy. The one thing I didn't have was an umbrella. Word to the wise: always toss an umbrella in your bag when traveling to the city!

When we finally did arrive at our destination (we were about 45 minutes late and the president of the school was already giving his spiel), we were completely soaked and chilled to the bone. We were warmly received despite being so tardy.  No one seemed to care that we both looked like drowned rats. A very pretty girl with a lovely smile handed us each a paper cup filled with a hot, thick, orange liquid and said, "Drink this. It will take away the chill and make you feel amazing!"

I was somewhat hesitant to drink it. After all, this was the city, I didn't know these people, and it could've been laced with drugs for all I knew. I had a fleeting vision of being dragged, stoned and stupid, into a dark alley behind the building. I quickly glanced around the room and noticed other people were drinking from the same cups and they all seemed fine. I fumbled through my over-flowing handbag for a tiny piece of paper in which to discard my big wad of sugar-free gum and then I took a sip. It was the most wonderful, warming, delicious soup I had ever tasted. It instantly heated me through and through and all my tension, fear, and doubt seemed to melt away with each sip of that glorious concotion.

If this was soup on drugs, give me more!

I turned to the girl who had given it to me. "Oh, my God, what is this?" I asked.

"It's carrot soup," she whispered. "I'll give you the recipe after."

My girlfriend was loving the soup, too. "This is the best stuff I've ever tasted," she said. "I think I could live off it."

I'd never heard of carrot soup and I detested cooked carrots. Growing up, my mother often made carrots for dinner but they were always from a can and they tasted awful. I never served them in my house. I would eat raw carrot sticks from time to time because I knew they were good for me but that's where I drew the line. It just never dawned on me that I could take a raw carrot, cook it or turn it into soup and actually like it!

Boy, have I come a long way!

Later on, I found the soup girl and asked for the recipe. I took out my note book and pen to write it all down and she laughed. "All you need are carrots and water," she said. "This is REAL food at it's best."

What? No chicken stock, no spices, no cream? No artificial flavors or colors? What kind of magical, mystical carrots did they use in this soup?

I made the soup myself the very next day and it was exactly the same. I also experienced all those warming, healing, peaceful feelings the moment I tasted it. I felt alive! There was something to all this and I needed to learn more about the healing power of REAL FOOD so I could share it with everyone!

I immediately hopped back on the train to the city, signed my name on the dotted line, and started attending classes the following fall.  It was the best decision I ever made and I've never looked back!

It's hard believe this was only a little over a decade ago. I was thirty-seven years old when I took that trip into the city and decided I wanted to study health, healing and nutrition. I was different person back then. I was socially inept, shy, uneducated, frightened, narrow-minded, depressed, and completely dependent on others to make most of my decisions for me. I had no idea who I was, what I wanted, or what I was capable of in life. All I knew is that I was looking for something different and wanted to find my purpose and my passion.

I don't even know who that is person is any longer. I marvel at the things I've accomplished since then. I've changed so much, I can't even begin to describe it. I am strong, independent, fearless. The road has not always been easy and I've hit a few speed bumps, steered off course for a couple of years, and made some mistakes along the way but I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now. I have a rewarding career I love, friends I adore, and a life that is rich and full. And here's something really funny-- I loved the city so much I accepted a job offer there. I am in NewYork so often now, I am referred to as the City Girl! And the ones who tried to fill me with fear? Some are completely out of my life. The others admire and respect me for being independent and determined.  How's that for a change?

A simple cup of carrot soup changed my life and launched my career. It is the foundation of my belief in the healing power of REAL FOOD. I live it, I teach it, I preach it. This is my purpose and my passion. This is where I am supposed to be............

As for that delicious carrot soup recipe,  Contact me and I will send it to you.......

Eat REAL FOOD to live a REAL LIFE. A life that is simple, uncomplicated, passionate, fearless, joyful, peaceful.

That's my recipe.......  

And this is my Daily Cyn.....

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