Monday, January 2, 2012

A Little Post-Holiday Poem

‘Twas after the holidays and all through the house

Not a morsel of food left for even a mouse

I was cozy and warm all snug in my bed

Under the covers pulled over my head

I hit the snooze button, not one time, but five

I was awake but barely alive.

Visions of holiday bills flashed through my mind

I'd better get up and move my behind.

My muscles were aching, my stomach was churning

My head was pounding and my eyes were burning.

Time to get ready and shower and dress

I dread returning to work I humbly confess

I am tired and sluggish and moody and cross

The last thing I want is to deal with the boss.

I had a nice weekend, I should be more chipper

But I can't seem to manage to zip up my zipper

I gaze in the mirror and oh what a fright

I look pale and tired and my pants are too tight.

What will I do? What will I wear?

 Nothing looks good, not even my hair!

I reach into my closet and pull out the big sweater

That covers my butt- okay, now that’s better.

I head toward the door and remember too late

Tonight after work I have a big date.

I want to look good, smile and flirt

But there’s no way in hell I’ll fit into my skirt.

He can't see me like this so I pick up the phone

And leave him this message,"I have to postpone!”

Now I’m angry, frustrated and filled with such shame

But I know there's only one person to blame

I over did it this season as I do every year

Too many calories and way too much beer

I over-indulged in treat after treat

And never rejected invitations to eat

Cakes and pies and bottles of wine

I don’t even recall if I had a good time!

There’s a price to pay and I’m paying it now

I’m bloated and tired and as big as a cow.

I didn’t need all those cookies or a third piece of cake

And all of that eggnog - what a mistake!

I’m stretching the truth for the sake of this poem

But I've gained a few pounds and don't think I'm alone.

So now  it's back to my veggies, beans and tofu

Just like everyone else, I've packed on a few.

I have to admit my jeans are too tight

So when I'm finished with work-- to the gym tonight!

-Cynthia Parrott 1/2/2012

Did you know that most people gain about ten pounds over the holiday season? That’s ten pounds on top of the excess weight they’re already carrying!

Did you over indulge a little too much this season? Do you have a post- holiday recovery plan? If not, I can help you put one together. Contact me and let’s chat……..

And this is my Daily Cyn.......

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