Friday, March 30, 2012

Don't Look Back......

When it comes to the past and looking back (or going back), I always think of Sodom and Gomorrah and the tragic tale of Lot's wife. You know, from the bible. If you went to Sunday School, you're already familiar with the story. If not, let me quickly bring you up to speed with my condensed version:

I am sure the woman had a name, but it's never mentioned so we only know her as Lot's WIFE. We'll talk about the inferior status endured by women back in those days another time.   Anyway, as she and Lot were running away from their home town, she dared to look back and when she did, was instantly turned into a solid pillar of salt!  The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (where Lot and his wife-with-no-name lived) were being wiped out. I am not really sure which city they actually lived in. Perhaps both. Kind of like New Yorkers, with a penthouse in Manhattan and a summer home near the Jersey Shore. Regardless, those two cities were leveled. Destroyed.  I don't have a bible handy, but I do believe there was an earthquake. Lot and his wife were warned by an angel of God in advance and ran for their lives. And they were told not to look back.  Lot was obedient and kept on running. The lady was not so lucky.

I always thought being turned to a pillar of salt for taking one last look was sort of harsh and there are all kinds of opinions as to why that happened to her. Some say it was because her actions proved she loved sin more than she loved God and according to the bible, those two cities were cesspools of sin. That's why they were destroyed. Whatever. She was warned. She didn't listen. She looked back.  If I was running across the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan was being destroyed behind me, I would just have to turn my head and sneak a peek.........

Regardless of whether you believe that story or not, there's a good message in it. Dwelling in the past, looking over your shoulder, thinking about what could have been, or worrying about those you might  leave behind as you move on to bigger and better things makes it difficult to forge ahead.  It's like being frozen in time. You become an immovable object. Yeah. A proverbial pillar of salt.

Leave the past where it belongs, move ahead, and don't look back.

And this is my Daily Cyn........

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  1. Cyn. it's true. so hard to leave the past.It's like watching reruns over&over agin. Great advice thys