Friday, September 17, 2010

Take a Walk...........

I spent a few hours today on an unfamiliar site writing an article.  A new company saw some of my previous work and invited me to come and write for them.  It's so exciting to know there are those out there not only reading what I write but actually enjoying it and find my little tid-bits of advice worthy of compensation. It makes all those late-night hours hunched over my computer, the time spent researching, and the sacrifices I make in order to get my writing done so worthwhile. 

I packed up my laptop and went to the new office where I knew I could get some work done in peace and quiet.  There would be no ringing telephones, no interuptions, and no cat continuously walking across my keyboard hoping for attention.  I put on a pot of coffee and began typing away. 

The words began to flow immediately.  I finished the article, uploaded a beautiful image, attached some links to my own personal wholesome food recipes, and decided to preview my handiwork.  I read it and re-read it and decided this was my best writing yet.  I closed the preview section of the new site and when I did, my article disappeared.  In a flash it was lost.  I couldn't believe it! My magnificent writing--GONE!  I tried to relocate it, called tech support for assistance, cried, begged and pleaded but nothing could be done.  I never hit the SAVE DRAFT button and my masterpiece was lost forever.  I cannot even begin to explain my level of frustration.  All that work--down the drain--literally!

I could start again but I didn't know how.  Could I actually remember every word I had just written and make it just as good?  I never keep rough drafts of anything (perhaps I should from now on) so it was basically straight from my heart onto my computer screen.  I sat there for the longest time but the words just would not come.  I was too upset to write. I needed to clear my head, get rid of this anger, and just step back for awhile.  I decided to take a walk.

It's a bit overcast outside today but the temperature is still warm.  I took a mile walk down the street to a little group of stores.  I bought a salad and a bottle of  the most delicious Organic Sparkling Pomegranate Water I have ever tasted.  As I walked I saw leaves already beginning to change color.  It made me excited for fall to arrive so I could make plans to pick apples, bake pies, carve pumpkins and go hiking through the nature preserve with friends. I also noticed that directly across from my office is a big patch of empty grass.  I never notice it before! How nice it would be to get a group of people there to do some yoga or some other kind of outside activity. They could come back to my office to enjoy some homemade soup while I teach a seminar or lead them in a journaling session. I could even light a fire in the fireplace to enhance the atmosphere.  This is such a peaceful place of healing.  Once people know about this place, they will want to be here all the time.

I am back from my walk and sitting in front of the laptop again.  I am full of new ideas, possibilities, and hope for the future of my business.  My business is helping others and in doing so, I am helping myself. As they heal and become whole, I heal and become whole.  It's beautiful how life works that way.

I am thankful I lost my article.  I was forced to step away for awhile to clear my mind. I got to take a walk.  I explored my surroundings.  I saw things I never saw before.  I have new ideas to help others and to help my business grow.  As I sit here sipping my Sparkling Pomegranate Water, the words are beginning to flow again.  I am filled to overflowing.  If I am empty again, I will just take another walk............

And this is my Daily Cyn............

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