Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Revolutions

2011 is just a few days away. How quickly this year flew by. 2010 was a year of mixed emotions for me.  I experienced failure, success, personal tragedy, and victory.  I lost a few friends and made some new friends.  I spent much needed time by myself, figuring out what I want for my life, and learned to be content with staying home once in awhile rather than always being on the run. I moved my private practice to a new office, rekindled my love of writing, discovered the art of blogging, and found a true avenue of self-expression.  All in all, it has been a very good year.

I have no resolutions for the coming New Year. I prefer New Years Revolutions! As a nutritional and life consultant, I am revolting against the lies that we are spoon-fed in this country about true beauty, self-esteem, health, and weight-loss. This is not just for women--it is for men, as well.

I revolt against:
1. the lie that we are not good enough just the way we are
2. Quick Fix Weight-loss Schemes
3. Starvation
4.  Countless hours spent at the gym
5.  Deprivation
6.  the ultimate goal of fitting into a size 0
7.  the lie that we can never be too rich or too thin
8.  Tasteless, unhealthy, fat-free food
9.  the belief that doctors are always right
10. the idea that we once we make our bed, we must lie in it
11. spending ridiculous amounts of money on fad diets
12. the idea that combining or avoiding certain foods will miraculously result in weight-loss
13. diet pills, appetite suppressants, and carb-blockers
14. Hollywood setting the stardard
15.  that every man wants a Victoria's Secret model
16.  that every woman needs a man with a body like David Beckham
17. Breakfast and lunch from a can and then a sensible dinner
18. the lie that once you lose all your weight, you will be happy, find true love, and have the life you want
19. the lie that beauty can be found in a jar of $300 face cream or at the hands of a plastic surgeon
20. the idea that carbs, sugar, and salt are the enemy

My vision, my goal, my hope, is that we will all enter 2011 with a new attitude toward health, healing, happiness, and life.  I pray that we finally accept and love ourselves the way we are,  improve that which we are able to improve, make peace with the things we cannot change, and learn to work with what we've got!

I am here to help.  I am available to be your guide, your consultant, your cheer-leader, and your biggest fan.  Call me, write me, email me, Facebook me!

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Productive, and Prosperous New Year!!

And this is my Daily Cyn...........

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