Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Survival Essentials

Yes.....winter is here. With a bit of a vegence.  Here in New York, it has been unseasonably cold for this time of year with temperatures of 19 degrees and colder. We were just hit with a blizzard that is taking days to recover and clean up from. The LIRR was suspended and still not running on or even close to schedule, cars are abandoned on major highways and side-streets, people have been trying to stay warm without heat or electricity for days.  It's a nightmare for some people but eventually, it will all be cleaned up, melted, and forgotten until the next snow storm.

Depsite the cold, despite the snow, ice, and slippery conditions, life goes on.  We must go to work, to the store, drive our cars, and stay warm.  I commute daily for work and like thousands of other people, must stand outside in the elements for long periods of time waiting for a train that is always late, regardless of whether we are in the midst of snow storm or if the sun is shining brightly. Freezing does not even describe it.  Ten minutes out there feels like hours when your teeth are shattering and your knees are knocking in the bitter cold. The cold gets right into your bones and it takes forever to get warm.  It is exhausting. 

Regardless of how you get to work or even if you are lucky enough to stay home and only venture out once a week to get your grocery shopping done; you need some Winter Survival Essentials.  These are "must-haves" as far as I am concerned and will help to keep you warm inside and out as you brave the frigid temperatures.

A Big Puffy Coat

Toss vanity and a sleek, slim look to the winter wind, ladies and gentlemen.  I sadly abandoned my long, gorgeous, Banana Republic military-style coat for one of these ridiculous looking, artificial-down-filled  puffy coats. Why?  My puffy coat is the most amazing garment I have ever owned.  It blocks the 50mph winds, is waterproof, and has an enormous hood. Remember the movie Hunt for Red October? When I pull that hood up over my head I look just like a big black submarine with a periscope--a periscope trimmed in faux fur! I shiver as I see young girls standing on the train platform dressed in tiny little light-weight coats that don't even cover their equally tiny little hineys. Yes, they look good, but at what price? They are so frozen, they can barely move.  I don't care that I resemble a big fat tick in my huge puffy coat.  I am so toasty; I could stand outside for hours. A fashion tip-- buy it in black.  Black is slimming.  This coat in white is gorgeous but unless you really don't mind looking just like the Michelin Tire Man, say yes to the black.

A Scarf as long as a Cobra Snake
Find a long, warm scarf you can wrap around your neck at least ten times.  If you can pull it over your head and wrap around your neck, even better. Use it as a face mask to keep your mouth from freezing shut (a tragedy for a non-stop talker like me).  I just know people are profiling me as I walk down the street, completely covered in black, my eyes the only visible feature. I don't care. I am warm!

Hand Warmers

Little disposable packets of pure ecstacy! These are the best little things I have ever discovered.  Skiiers use them to keep hands and feet warm for hours.  I buy these by the case and stuff them in my pockets, my gloves, my boots, and in between layers of sweaters.  They last for 8 hours or more.  Take them everywhere with you.  Keep them in the glove box of your car, too.  You never know when you are going to need them.

Faux-Shearling Boots

I hate that I can't wear my sexy heels in this kind of weather but I really don't enjoy slipping and sliding down the train platform steps and certainly don't want to risk twisting an ankle while dashing across a patch of ice. Warm, sensible boots are a must for this type of weather.  Forget about glamour-- think comfort and warmth. Pack your heels in your tote-bag if you must. I am a vegan and will not wear anything from an animal so these boots are absolutely perfect. Slip a handwarmer in each boot, and your feet will be snug and toasty for hours.

Good Skin Care and Body Cream
Guy and girls-you must protect your skin in this rough weather. Lather on the cream. The richer and more emollient, the better.  It will protect your delicate face, hands and body   Pay special attention to your face. The wind burns and a good skin cream will protect it from chapping, flaking, and drying out.  Take care of your skin religiously or you will look like old leather catcher's mitt come spring-time. Don't forget your lips, too. Use a good lip-balm.  Burt Bee's makes a great one.  Put in on everytime you go outside and reapply it often.

A Blanket in Your Car 
When I bought my first car, my father told me to keep a blanket in the trunk at all times.  This was the best advice he ever gave me. In the winter, cars always break down.  Batteries die.  We get stuck in snowdrifts.  Go put a blanket in your car right NOW!! The next time you are stranded without heat, you will thank me. And if you have those handwarmers in your glove box, you can wait for hours to be rescued without freezing to death. And....for those impromtu trips to beach in the summer, you will always have something to lay on. :)

A Warm Body to Snuggle with at Home
Always make time to snuggle up with your sweetie, your dog, or your cat.  Nothing will ever keep you warmer than the comfort of someone you love and who loves you back. A warm heart will keep you going even in the worst weather conditions. 

I wish you love and warmth this season. 

And this is my Daily Cyn...........

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  1. Excellent advice Cyn. Winter comes once a year. Sometimes it's mild. Sometimes it's severe. Preparation is the key. Be ready for anything. I was concerned for you during the storm. I feel better now.