Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are You Ready for Change?

"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not."
- James Gordon, M.D.

HA! I saw this quote on a friend's Face Book page this morning and it really jumped out at me.  It hit home in a big way.  Mainly because I am all about change.....and when we are finally fed up with the way things are and truly are ready for change.....we will. It's as if the universe senses that we "really mean it this time" and works overtime in our favor. We finally find the drive, the resolve, and the power to do things differently.

I speak from experience.  I know all about change. I have made some radical changes in my life. RADICAL! Because I got sick and tired.   I stopped doing certain things because I knew they were harmful and ruining my life.  I didn't have to attend a 12-step program or see a hypnotist to do this.  I was just ready to change.  The road to change was no picnic, however. Trust me....I have had some awful things happen to me that forced me to stop and think about my life and what was missing.  Facing the truth about why I was filling that emptiness with toxic things was gut-wrenching.  It would have been alot easier to join a program or admit I have a disease or addiction from which I will never be cured than to deal with the truth about myself. 
Please don't mis-understand me. I am not knocking groups like AA,  Rehab and Recovery, or Weight-Loss Support groups.  A great deal of people I know have brought back from the edge of destruction with these types of programs.  But it all comes down to this.......something is missing. Until we find that missing piece, we will keep filling the void with all kinds of ridiculous and harmful things to cover up the truth.  This is when we drink too much, eat too much, work too much, spend too much.  We dig ourselves into hole and we can't get out. That's when we need help.  Every single one of us must hit our own personal "rock-bottom" before we can  reach out and find what we really need.
It seems like there is a support group for everything these days.  That's all well and fine. Spending time with like-minded people who have similiar struggles and obstacles is a wonderful idea.  There is nothing worse than going through life thinking you are the only one who feels or thinks a particular way or is experiencing a certain situation.  Join a group if it helps you. The purpose of these types of groups, however is to help you cross to the other side and stand on your own.  The only way you will be able to do that is to discover who you are and what you want.  You have to change.
Nothing can be accomplished by sheer will-power alone. That chocolate cream pie, bottle of Scotch, or drug of choice will always be there, lurking, calling, tempting.  You will never be able to resist them until you face the truth about yourself and why you choose those types of things instead of loving, nurturing and caring for yourself. 
If you are stuck in a cycle of self-destruction, by all means, get some help. Find a therapist, a support group, a counselor or a coach. Anything in excess is a form of self-destruction.  This could be food, chocolate, vodka, cigarettes, shopping, even exercise. You must be ready and willing to change.  And you will never change until you do some serious soul-searching, heal what's missing in your life, and fall in love with yourself.
I am a Nutritional Consultant.  I am passionate about what I do. I love food, I love the philosophy of food and art of eating.  My job is to uncover the reasons people choose one food over another, eat in excess to the point of obesity and disease, and to try help them discover the reasons why they consistently use food as a substitute for what they really want, need and desire.  I try to guide others toward the road of healthy choices, in every aspect of their lives.  Food is an acceptable yet subtle compulsion ( I dislike the word addiction) because we all need to eat. I have no secret quick weigh-loss gimmicks or pills to sell.  I am all  about healing and change, from the inside out.
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