Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Manic Monday?

It's Monday! If you are like most people, the last thought on your mind before you fell asleep last night was : "YUCK. Tomorrow is Monday!"

Let's face it. We love our weekends. We get to play, go out dancing, get together with friends and family, sleep in a little in the mornings and stay up late at night. Not to mention, it's SUMMER so that means BBQs, days at the beach, picnics, boating, sports. Come Monday morning, all that fun comes to a screeching halt as we once again begin our regular weekly routine of work, home, sleep, repeat.

Until next weekend!

So......let me ask you.....when you opened your eyes this morning, how was your attitude? Did you stumble out of bed, less than enthusiastic about today? Did you feel moody and depressed because your weekend is over? It's ingrained into our bodies, minds and our spirits to DESPISE Mondays. Everyone says it. "I DON'T LIKE MONDAYS!" There is even a song about it- actually a few songs.

I will let you in on a little secret. Your attitude directly affects your day! If you wake up expecting Monday to be hectic, guess what? It will be hectic- or MANIC just like the song says.


Cute song..... bad message!

When you convince yourself  that you hate Mondays, you will hate today and everything will go wrong. Even good things that happen might go un-noticed because you are only expecting bad! You have already convinced yourself that you hate today. And most likely, you will hate tomorrow and the next day, too!

The only REAL difference about TODAY is that the sun set yesterday and rose again this morning! You have been given the gift of a brand new day! You can start all over again, change everything about your life and make TODAY the pre-cursor to a MAGNIFICENT WEEK. And you can accomplish this by a simple shift in your attitude. And that starts with turning off that negative inner chatter and focusing on good and positive things.

The same way you choose which clothes to wear today- you can choose your ATTITUDE!

Choose to make today a MAGNIFICENT MONDAY!!! And it will be!!

And this is my Daily Cyn........

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