Friday, July 8, 2011

God Gives Big Dreams

Lake Titus
Shiloh Retreat Center 
New Baltimore, NY

God gives big dreams to those He knows can make them come true.......

Years ago, my father had a dream. He wanted to create a pond on the lovely property our church owned, Upstate, NY.

He grew up in the South and spent summers working on his uncle's farm. There was no swimming hole nearby to enjoy, so.....he made one!  

Even as a child, my dad had big visions and dreams. Nothing was impossible.

So, when our church brought property to use for picnics, retreats and gatherings, my dad believed all the kids needed to have a pond for swimming, fishing, catching frogs, to sit beside on lazy summer afternoons. .

Everyone was against him.  They said a pond wasn't necessary. It was dangerous. Too much work. 

They told him it could not be done.

A man with a dream can never be stopped, as long as he keeps believing.

Thirty-nine years later, his pond is still there..... is the one he made over sixty years ago on a little farm down in Henderson, NC.

Never give up on your dreams........

And this is my Daily Cyn......

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