Wednesday, August 24, 2011


"See others as your companions in this journey we call life, rather than as your competition."

This has got to be one of the most profound quotes I've seen in a long time. Someone posted it on Face Book and when I read it I actually sat back in my chair and went "Harrumph!". You know what I mean....when something hits you and all you can do is just grunt?

So of course this got me to thinking......

Unless we live on a deserted island or high on a mountain-top, we are always coming in contact with people. Some of those people we like or love instantly. Others just rub us the wrong way. Then there are those we meet who, for one reason or another, we view as competition. They're better looking, happier, have nicer homes, more money, more friends, better love relationships, or they are more successful. We have a habit of disliking and avoiding these kinds of people. We might even discourage other people from associating with them.


I have a bad habit of viewing those who are more successful as my competition.  Especially those in my type of business. Men and women in the Health and Wellness Industry who are real movers and shakers. Makin' it happen. Sometimes I look at them and think, "Hey! They stole my idea!" Some of these movers and shakers want to network with me. Honestly, there are times I am hesitant to do that. This is such a shame. We're all trying to accomplish the same goal. So why do I refuse to jump on board with these people?


I earned my degree and started my nutritional consulting company over ten years ago. I dragged my feet for eight of those years and left it all on the back burner so I could make lots of money in the Mortgage Industry and live life in fast lane instead.  That whole business was completely contradictory to who I am as a person. It was never a good fit, but I made it work. I think back now to some of the dishonest things I did just to make a buck. I never did anything illegal but I definitely pushed the envelope a few times.  And, I stepped over others to get to the top. My whole lifestyle was different. I was different. It was a constant battle denying who I really was and trying to be something I wasn't.  Then, my whole world came crashing down.  I am still picking up the pieces.

The fact is, nobody forced me to do all that. If I had just run with my passion for health and wellness from the beginning, I would have a thriving practice by now. Ten years ago, what I had to share was new and exciting. I would have been a real trail-blazer. Now, everybody is preaching a similar 'gospel'. There are times I feel as if I am barely holding on to a rapidly moving train.  A few years ago, I could have been driving it! It's no body's fault but mine that at fifty years old, I am only now getting around to building my business from the ground up.   I should be looking forward to retirement, not another twenty years of hard work. My original plan of operating my business from the deck of my beach house overlooking the water would probably be a reality now and not some far-off  dream. I am still hopeful, though. And positive. Better late than never.  I might be sixty years old before it happens, but it's gonna happen. 

I'm certainly not sitting around crying over all this.  Ten years ago, I probably wasn't ready. I had a great plan but obviously there were lessons I needed to learn.  Experiences I needed to have. Back then it was all about me. I might not have been satisfied with less money and a low-key, peaceful life. I wouldn't have as much to offer anybody then as I do now.  There's a positive for every negative. You have to look at things that way or you'll drive yourself crazy with all those shoulda-coulda-woulda's!

There are people out there making their dreams come true. Touching the lives of others. Loving their work. Doing what we do and doing it well. Doing it better! Competition? We could think that way if we want to stay exactly where we are and not grow. What would happen if we thought of them as companions, instead?

First of all, nobody owns the corner market on Health, Wellness and Nutrition or any other business. We each have our own talents, gifts, ideas, expertise, skills, and personalities to contribute. If we always consider the more successful folks as competition rather than companions, we'll never learn a thing.  The Universe can't come together on our behalf.  We won't be successful because we're selfishly clinging to what we think is ours.  We might acquire lots of things and a nice fat bank account, but we will never really be happy. Those who are terrified of losing what they have are never truly happy.

Remember the movie Miracle on 34th Street?  The Santa at Macy's Department Store was referring frustrated parents to other stores to find what they needed.  If Macy's didn't have that toy fire truck for little Johnny, Gimbals did. At first, store management was livid. "You can't send people to a different store! We want them to spend their money here, even if we don't have what they really want!" Santa didn't see it that way. He wanted the children to have what they wanted, even it meant shopping elsewhere. Even if it cost him his job! What happened in the end? People flocked to Macy's. Their business boomed. Why? Because all the other stores were no longer considered competitors. They were companions providing a service to keep the customers happy. Macy's was now the store with a heart! HUGE LESSON HERE!!

This just doesn't apply to business, dear friends. It works with everything in life. We all have something to give. We also have something to learn. Here's a little tip: those who achieve success in life the right way, will be more than happy to share their tips and ideas with you. The ones that didn't, will turn from you because YOU are COMPETITION. You don't want or need anything from them anyway. Partner with good, genuine people who are living life, making it happen, and willing to share.  Don't run away from them.  Make them your companions. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And this is my Daily Cyn...........

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