Friday, September 2, 2011

Do You Want to Fly?

If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down. ~Unknown

Nice quote, huh? Who doesn't want to fly? Imagine being able to soar high above everything and see the world from a totally different view. And the freedom! I can't think of another creature with more freedom than one with ability to fly. To be able to just pick up and go anywhere by spreading its wings and soaring upward and beyond!! What a rush!

When birds fly south in winter they don't take anything with them. They leave everything behind:  their nests, their source of water, even food.  Now there's a scary thought. What if they get hungry and can't find anything to eat on their trip? Birds instinctively know if they try to take anything with them, it's just going to weigh them down and impair their ability to fly. Some birds even leave the weakest among them behind. They are not about to let anything or anyone prevent them from taking their journey.


You have to leave some things behind. Drop your excess baggage and all that stuff that's just too heavy to carry. They are just going to weigh you down and prevent you from soaring to new, amazing heights. You can't see things from a new point of view unless you leave the drop a few things. Let it all go!

Try to think of some the excess baggage you carry. You might believe you can't fly because you have no money. Perhaps you never went to college, or you just don't have any spare time.  You're too fat or too thin. You feel sick. You have too many commitments and obligations, a demanding job, no energy. You have a disagreeable mate, partner, friend, parent, or boss who continously holds you back.............  

These are obvious, every day set-backs--little weights around our ankles. We all have them but they shouldn't hold us down-- not if we really want to fly. They are simply by-products of a much heavier weight we carry.

What really prevents us from flying?


That's right. The ways we think or don't think about ourselves, the world around us, and others. If we want to fly we need to let go of ourselves. Why? Because most of us are full of: 

1. Negative thoughts and attitudes
2. Unforgiveness- toward ourselves and others
3.  Fear of the unknown
4. Insecurity or poor self-confidence
5. Doubt
6. Limited vision
7. Fear of failure
8. Little or no faith
9. Little or no belief in a power greater than ourselves (God, the Universe, etc)
10. Obligations or attachments to people who emotionally drain us, discourage our dreams or tell us we can't fly!

Drop all this stuff and all those little ankle weights like no money or lack of education will fall off, too.  If you are stuck on the ground and can't fly it's because you are held to the ground by one or two of these particular issues. Perhaps all ten of them.  If you had confidence and a positive attitude, faith, no fear of the future or failure, honestly believed that God or the Universe will always provide, and surrounded yourself with successful, enthusiastic people who continously encourage you to keep going-- do you honestly think a lack of funds, a few extra pounds, or a demanding job will really hold you down?


If you want to fly--it's up to you.  It's YOU and all your attitudes, fears, doubt, lack of trust in yourself and others, and the people with whom you choose to associate that prevent you from soaring to great heights. That's it! 

Tomorrow, we'll dive deeper into this as I discuss how to drop some of that weight so you can finally start flying!

And this is my Daily Cyn.............

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