Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Super Size Me..............

Remember when a small-sized bag of McDonald's french fries was more than enough? When we were satisfied with a single scoop ice cream cone?  What happened?

Now we have to have the big bag, the super-combo, the jumbo portion, the triple dip, the generous helping,  the economy size.

A family style restauarant?  OH, YEAH! Let's go there. Bigger portions. Who cares if we each order an appetizer that's really meant to be shared by four people? And they don't skimp on the drinks there, either. Free refills! We walk out of that restaurant feeling so full. We think we are content but we can hardly walk, talk, breathe, or keep our eyes opened. The whole rest of the night is total waste because all we want to do now is sleep.  So what? At least we got our hard-earned money's worth. 

Better yet, let's go to the Buffet!  All the crab legs, fried chicken and mashed potatoes we can eat! And we can have three or four different desserts instead of just one!

Go out dancing now? After dinner? Forget it! We can't move!

And we keep getting bigger and bigger and don't understand why.............

Big companies spend big money on advertising. Advertising that tells us we need to eat this way!

We are duped into believing a little is never enough! That we need more! It's sensible or more economical to buy the bigger size!

Maybe when it comes to laundry detergent or toilet paper. But not when it comes to food! The more we have, the more we're gonna eat!

Why go with the regular size when we can Biggie Size it? Only a few cents more. That makes sense, doesn't it? Yes...... if we're planning to share that Biggie Size sack of fries with two or three other people! Yeah, sure! Like that's gonna happen!

The commercial says we can't just eat one potato chip, we need to eat whole bag. So we buy and eat biggest bag of chips we can find!

But we don't need it. We really don't........... They just need us to think we do!

That way we keep them in business. And we keep the multi-billion dollar diet industry in business, too.

One hand washes the other...........

It's a ploy to make us fat and keep us fat. So everyone is happy, except.....US! 

Don't fall for it! Say no!

Everything is okay.....in moderation. Just keep it small. Keep it simple. 

Less is more............

And this is my Daily Cyn............

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