Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eat The Darn Donut!

You all know by now I am anti-junk food, anti-white sugar, white-flour crappy foods that are nothing more than empty calories and fat that are just going to make us feel bad. And, over time, make us look bad. A regular diet consisting of those types of foods is the worst thing we could do for ourselves. Sickness, disease and death is inevitable. I think I'd prefer to drink poison. My death would be quicker and whole lot less painful and expensive.  

In a perfect world, we would never, ever eat that kind of stuff. We would know how awful it is for us and refuse to go near it with a ten foot pole.

We don't live in a perfect world. And sometimes, we have cravings. Gnawing desires to sink our teeth into something we know is "bad". We can't sleep. We can't stop thinking about it. We have to have it. Finally, when we just can't stand it any more, we give in. We take a bite and when that first burst of forbidden pleasure hits our tastebuds we say, "Oh, I shouldn't!"  But we do and with every bite we pour on another layer guilt.  We punish ourselves the rest of the night. Sometimes even the next day. And the next. Over a piece of pie. A brownie. A dish of icecream. A donut.

What we don't realize is when we do this, we are setting ourselves up for failure. It's a cycle of denial, pleasure, and punishment. What happens when we continuously do this? Eventually we have the day from hell and instead of one donut, we eat the whole dozen. Oh and guilt after all those donuts is the real killer. That's when we really punish ourselves to the point where we are so disgusted, we throw in the whole towel. Then we go on an eating frenzy. Our mission? To eat anything and everything we've been denying ourselves for years.! We tell ourselves we're hopelessly destined to be unhealthy and overweight so we might as well enjoy it!  

Sound familiar?

Have the donut! Just eat it! And when you do, enjoy every last delicious morsel. Don't leave one little crumb behind. Don't feel guilty about it. Refuse to punish yourself.

One donut will not kill you! One donut will not make you fat. It's a lifetime of unhealthy living and a daily diet of poor food choices that will!

Have the donut and enjoy it!

If you do this every time, your cravings for foods like candy, cookies and donuts will become less and less. Eventually, you might not think about a donut ever again.

Why? Because you're allowed to have it.  Not only that, you're allowed enjoy it, too.

We always want what we can't have.

So go ahead.  Eat the darn donut!

And this is my Daily Cyn........

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